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The number of bars on the squirrel cage determines to what extent the induced currents are fed back to the stator coils and hence the current through them.

Squirrel-cage rotor and electric motor having squirrel

A squirrel-cage rotor includes a rotor core composed of steel sheets. Each steel sheet has in the outer circumference a number of slot-forming punched portions along.

. feature of the squirrel cage rotor is that the rotor slots are not parallel to the shaft instead they are slightly skewed. ADVANTAGES OF SQUIRREL CAGE ROTOR.

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Internally it contains longitudinal conductive bars (usually made of aluminium or copper) set into grooves and connected at both ends by shorting rings forming a cage-like shape.The interaction of the two sources of magnetic field produce torque on the rotor.The rotor 10 may be skewed,. Squirrel-cage rotor and electric motor having squirrel-cage rotor. Rotor of squirrel-cage induction motor and making method.


There are two ways of changing the speed of AC motors,by altering the frequency or the number of poles in the motor.The configuration of the rotor resembles the exercise wheel found in a squirrel cage.When the supply voltage is reduced, induction motor draws more current.Because the magnetic field in the rotor is alternating with time, the core uses construction similar to a transformer core to reduce core energy losses.Rotors for three-phase will have variations in the depth and shape of bars to suit the design classification.The conductors are often skewed slightly along the length of the rotor to reduce noise and smooth out torque fluctuations that might result at some speeds due to interactions with the pole pieces of the stator.

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Speed control is not possible in squirrel cage induction motor.The field windings in the stator of an induction motor set up a rotating magnetic field through the rotor.What are the advantages of skewed slots in the rotor of a squirrel cage motor?.What is an Induction Motor?. slots can be one of three types: a squirrel-cage winding, a slip ring rotor, or a solid core rotor. A squirrel-cage.

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This work is introducing the designing of new three phase squirrel cage induction motor with an. Designing of Three Phase Squirrel Cage. Sr Rotor slots.

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Slemon, Magnetoelectric devices, John Wiley and Sons 1966 pp. 384-389.Squirrel cage induction motors are more sensitive to the supply voltage fluctuations.It is made of thin laminations, separated by varnish insulation, to reduce eddy currents circulating in the core.Increasing the number of poles increases the stator flux density which decreases the speed.The relative motion between this field and the rotor induces electric current in the conductive bars.If adequate AC power is applied to the stator, an alternating magnetic field will revolve around within the stator.

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This paper deals with the optimal design of squirrel- cage rotor slots and copper bars of high power induction motors with respect to the values of startin.Squirrel Cage Rotor three phase. So the rotor is called squirrel cage. In this type of rotor, the slots are not arranged parallel to the shaft axis.As the motor accelerates, the slip frequency decreases and induced current flows at greater depths in the winding.Generally, thick bars have good torque and are efficient at low slip, since they present lower resistance to the EMF.Three phase squirrel cage induction motors can also be used as generators.

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aluminum die-cast squirrel-cage rotor. advantages ofquick and easyreconfiguration ofthe motor to existing induction motor. was skewed by one stator slot pitch of.The stator then should be washed out with a solvent that is specifically made for cleaning electrical equipment.3-ph induction motor. Steel laminations are provided on the rotor core. Each slot contains an uninsulated. skewed. Skewing of squirrel cage rotor offers some.

Dirt accumulations around coil wiring insulation is the biggest cause of motor failure.PRESENTATION ON: INDUCTION MOTOR. phase induction motor. Squirrel Phase Cage Rotor. • The rotor slots are not parallel to the shaft but skewed to.


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