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LaserJock My primary advice to people who want to use Launchpad very much is to learn how to create your own URL. 10:27.Hobbsee Lesley: everything is in UTC time, so we dont all go insane.LaserJock we usually use bug reports for patches to existing packages 10:45.LaserJock so when Launchpad and Malone seemed usable we switched over 10:43.LaserJock yes, each package must be looked at, modified if needed, and rebuilt and tested befor it ever gets uploaded 10:18.AWSTATS DATA FILE 6.9 (build 1.925) # If you remove this file, all statistics for date 201010 will be lost/reset. # Position (offset in bytes) in this file of.Just seems like more cross-traffic between the two that way. 07:52.I have plans to make REVU, a reviewing platform doing something similar 06:58.

LaserJock danbuntu: primarily the changes are in dependences or if there is something that Ubuntu is pushing forward with 10:11.LaserJock Automatix is something that is used quite a bit in forums community 10:56.BugMaN tux75: write in english please, (aspetta che finisce di parlare seb128) 04:11.LaserJock well, generally it takes all the developers a few months to get the process comleted 10:14.Lure Jucato: kde does not have fixed life cycle (yet), so it is hard to plan release on it - current approach is to pick what is current at ubuntu release time. 09:28.

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Is this likely to happen, will there be an official release 09:26.The hits appear to probe several ports, including 135, 445, 4662, 21338.

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LaserJock which is one of the oldest Linux distros around 10:04.

Lure QUESTION: Qt is supposed to be offering a clear looks theme since recently.Hobbsee hence i picked one that you definetly want to answer, as it gets asked a lot 05:01.LaserJock so we have bug tracking, translations, specification tracking, meeting tracking, teams 10:42.Lure vyoman: fesity will get update-manager like ubuntu which should cover upgrades 09:37.Reactivated the torrent, it repaired itself for a second. unactivate, broken again.

LaserJock berndl: that would be the Universe and Multiverse repository 06:58.LaserJock because the next time around we are going to have to merge those changes back in 10:13.I only get a few requests from each host, and there are thousands of.Hobbsee Lesley: we have ghosts that wander around mid-class, distracting people, and the like:P 01:42.

LaserJock -backports is focused more at getting the latest versions 10:51.Hobbsee seb128: QUESTION: do you use any automatic testing tools.

It solves most of the problems with dependencies and has excellent features for optional packages etc.The hit frequency is not that high: my latencies have gone to the sky.Lure QUESTION: why did you choose to use Launchpad and not some other bug-tracking and versioning system.RadiantFire i was under the impression a feisty CD was going to be remastered to contain KDE4 whe it was releasd 05:46.Daylighter we need to develop sort of a screenshot vidcasting software. so you can do these sessions with a live screen in front of them 03:17.But you know, we could all help out with that if we get to start with the log 06:58.In Main there is a bit more emphasis on going beyond just managing divergence and really into developing and leading the way in desktop development. 10:05.This question emailed to team leader twice and no response. 09:07.

Hobbsee (which arent shown in the main window of xchat, iirc) 01:53.Will Ubuntu packages work fine in Mepis or should you use the Debian packages, I have noticed on a machine with Mepis that it uses Ubuntu repositories 10:09.Keyseir gnomefreak, I ran into some weird problems trying to burn a dapper install cd.LaserJock adefelic1: yes it is possible, anytime you modify something there is a chance you introduce a bug 10:22.LaserJock some package change very little, like literally one line 10:12.

Lure barsanuphe: it was removed due to dependany issue - if this would be resolved upstream, we may include it again 09:50.LaserJock there are a major reason why Debian is as stable and secure as it is 10:32.LaserJock for that we use the Launchpad bug tracking system called Malone 10:30.Kubuntu is the KDE centric sibling to Ubuntu, We have the same Dreams and Goals as Ubuntu, we just go about getting their via a different desktop. 09:09.=== Starting logfile irclogs/ubuntu-classroom.log-ChanServ([email protected])- [#ubuntu-server] Ubuntu Server Discussions (development and support) 01:19-ChanServ.If you do a good job you can quickly become the maintainer for that package 04:10.LaserJock so we try to work on a little bit of all of those 10:37.Hi there. For several hours I have been receiving SYN packets from *lots* of hosts. It doesn't appears to be a *personal* attack, but most probably some new virii.LaserJock examples have been when we used a newer default Python and gcc version 10:11.

AWSTATS DATA FILE 5.1 (build 1.389) # If you remove this file, all statistics for date 2005-04 will be lost/reset. # Position (offset in bytes) in this file of.Hobbsee anything that has the maintainer set as debian qa, too. 04:35.Hobbsee seb128: QUESTION: Is there any cooperation going on between the Kubuntu and the Ubuntu Desktop Team.LaserJock MOTU does a lot of work on helping people learn to create and maintain packages 10:26.

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