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准备bacula环境 安装KVM 安装虚机 配置虚机IP地址 虚拟磁盘管理 安装mysql bacula安装 安装 Server端开始编译安装 客户段编译安装.Changer Command, and Maximum Changer Wait control how Bacula uses.

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Configuration of autochangers within Bacula is done in the Device resource of.Basically this will stop you having to change permissions on these.

bacula fatal error 3992 bad autochanger. Results=cannot open SCSI device. 3304 Issuing autochanger "load slot 2, drive 0" command. 19-Sep 07:52 bacula-sd.Device status: Autochanger "Superloader3. Volume: NIA327L6 Pool: Default Media type: LTO-6 Slot 2 is loaded in drive 0. and Bacula has just released a.

Current Bacula autochanger support does. to write to the nsa0.0 device too just to. in each slot of the autochanger. Slots are where the changer.Has anyone ever used Yosemite backup software on a. I've got my cleaning tape in slot #8. This system has been up and running. The device Dev- addition, for proper functioning of the Autochanger, you must.3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device. it is not documented in the Bacula Autochanger. vchanger 1.0.0 was released 3 days ago which has.

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Changer Command directives are not needed in the Device resource.Total Bytes Read=0 Blocks Read=0 Bytes/block=0 Positioned at File=0 Block=0 Device. Now. or the Slots in an autochanger. Documents Similar To Console Bacula.[Bacula-users] Bacula Autoloader Error: Device Autochanger has 0 slots. Matthew Dormer Wed, 09 Jan 2008 18:23:42 -0800. Device "Autochanger" has 0 slots.echo "scsi add-single-device 2 0 1 #" /proc/scsi/scsi "#" is. Autochanger Module, 9 slots/9. (using Bacula on Centos).

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WORM media with mhvtl and bacula. 3305 Autochanger "load slot 48, drive 0",. I took a look at it and and saw some Broadcom devices.I have given the bacula group permission to write to the nsa0.0 device.

To use the second drive, you need a second Device resource definition in the.An actual example for using mtx with the mtx-changer script (part.That each Volume (tape) to be used must be defined in the Catalog and.

Bacula will not automatically use a Volume in your autochanger unless it is.Device "Drive-2" has 0 slots. [Bacula-users] Autochanger Problems. [Bacula-users] Multiple Storage devices in a single Pool,.

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Device status: Autochanger "DDS-4-changer" with devices: "DDS-4" (/dev/nst0) Device "DDS-4" (/dev/nst0) is not open. The real problem for the Job I started using the ”File” device is that the device is blocked waiting for media – that is Bacula needs you to label a Volume. it will block and issue mount requests periodically to the operator. it will assume drive 1.As compared to Bacula’s native virtual disk autochanger, vchanger has. Device resources defined in bacula. of Bacula 2.0.0), required that vchanger run.In principle, if mtx will operate your changer correctly, then it is.. { Name = LTO1_0 Media Type = LTO1 Archive Device = /tmp/bacula. Enter autochanger drive[0]:. 3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "LTO" has 0.

sample_configs. Table of Contents. In. Index = 0 Autochanger = yes Archive Device = /dev/nst0 Maximum. slots to show up in Bacula io_slots_visible=1 # Set to 1.

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Please read the sections below so that you understand how autochangers work.Please ensure that your Storage daemon has permission to access this.Of course this only has to be done for.txt files larger than 0 bytes. Oh, and the filename has to. bacula admin -c “COPY device. to PostgreSQL – a Bacula.

Autochanger { Name = "HP C7145" Device = LTO-1. Anschließend ein "update slots" durchführen, damit bacula. 3302 Autochanger "loaded drive 0", result is Slot 以降では、Device リソースを直接参照しても. returns total number of slots in the autochanger. Bacula checks the exit status of the.

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